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Blue Skies Rattery
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Adoption Agreement

This is a preview of the agreement that will be signed at the time of pick-up.


$15 per rat

$25 per pair of rats

I will not ship the rats.

I am willing to do trades with other breeders.

All rats have a 14 day health guarantee. Any rat that becomes ill within the 14 day period will be either replaced or refunded at my discretion. Guarantee only valid if the rats were properly quarantined for 2-3 weeks.

The rats I adopt out will not be used as feeders or the breeding of feeders.

The rats must be properly cared for. They must be provided with fresh food and water daily, adequate living space, and daily attention.

You must return the rats to me if you cannot care of them any longer. You cannot sell or trade them without my permission. If a rat is returned no refund will be given.

BLU asks that if anything should come up with the rat/s health at anytime that you notify us of their condition, it is very important that you do, so we can notify people who have siblings of your rat/s also so we can evaluate BLU future breeding plans.

We strongly encourage that you place your new rat/s under a 2-3 week quarantine period if you already have rats at home.

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*All God's creatures deserve love and respect.*