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Blue Skies Rattery
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My Rats





BLU Juniper


Juniper is a young doe that I am considering for my breeding program. She is NOT pedigreed but both of her parents are over a year old and have the temperaments and health that is desired in breeding quality rats. I will monitor her growth and development for the next few months to ensure that she carries her parents fabulous genes.

The breeding of an non-pedigreed should never be taken lightly. Careful consideration must be taken and rats should never be thrown together because they are "cute".

Juniper and her brother Aerrow are only being considered for breeding because of their parents' solid health and temperments. I am integrating them into my program to try and develop my own distinct line of rats.

If you have questions or concerns over this don't hesitate to email me. I will answer all of your questions as best as I can.

BLU Aerrow


Coming soon: BLSP Brody & BLSP Beaker!

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*All God's creatures deserve love and respect.*